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6th-Mar-2011 09:05 pm - Korra has a face! (so graphics)
rapunzel excited
HERE! Made some random icons in a little hurry. Dunno what I think of them, but... feel free to use. Comments are awesome. Credit is not compulsory but encouraged. Squeeing also encouraged. She has a face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Photobucket (the kanji means 'dangerous' )
15th-Feb-2011 09:16 pm - atlaland bingo card

night land
Fire Nation
popular pairing
alternate universe
The Tea-Master and the Assassin
the stories people tell
4th-Feb-2011 10:07 pm - AtLAland: Downward Spiral
azula kyoshi eye

Title: Downward Spiral
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
[info]atlaland lottery
Characters: Azula, Ty Lee, Ozai, Zuko, Katara
: PG-13
Life is Beautiful
Spoilers: General
: Character death
: I'm in their world,messing with their characters, but I'm not Bryke.
Summary: Azula’s on her way down.

1. till you find your way back homeCollapse )


4th-Feb-2011 09:51 pm - AtLAland: Killer
Title: Killer
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Characters: Katara, Azula, Zuko
: PG-13
Prompt/Challenge: First Lines (the first line isn't mine)
Spoilers: General
: Character death
: I'm in their world,messing with their characters, but I'm not Bryke.
Katara always needs to protect those she loves.


Her hands were cold and shaking,Collapse )


7th-Jan-2011 09:47 pm - The Warrior Master
for atlaland  Any constructive critique is welcome, I didn't like this much. One of my first real atla drabblethingies.

Title: The Warrior Master
Prompt: Genderbend
Characters: Sokka/Sokana, Pakku, Arnook
Summary: Sokana of the Southern Water Tribe doesn't like this patriarchal warriors thing, so she's got to tell them so.

It started with a snowball, or, rather, a bucket of them. As Chief Arnook’s warrior-advisor walked under a doorway, he jumped at a small creak. Long years of defense against the Fire Nation had honed his reflexes to where they edged on paranoia. When nothing happened, he shrugged. It was common enough for him to jump like that, seeing as it was his job to defend the Northern Water Tribe. If he wasn’t ready, no one was.

Then, turning back through the doorway, he suddenly felt the nerve-tickling sensation of melting snow run down the back of his parka. Shocked as he was, it took a minute for him to register what had happened. Someone had rigged his doorway with a bucket of snowballs, which had just dumped all over him.

Honestly, would that little Southern brat ever give up? If the Fire Nation didn’t kill him, her antics would!

Yes, he knew who had set up the annoying booby trap. With the arrival of Avatar had come her non-bending companion Sokana, aspiring warrior. The teen did not seem to understand the fact that she was female, and therefore unfit to be a warrior. Unfortunately, her father had seemingly encouraged this ridiculousness. It was going to fall to him to undo the damage.

When he walked into the council hall and took his seat behind Chief Arnook, he noticed someone standing in the corner. After the recent incidents, as well as his total lack of response to them, he suspected he might just know who was there.


Sokana marched into the center of the great hall, her boomerang and club both at hand. A great injustice was occurring, and she could only think of one way to end it. All her previous, more devious attempts at resolution had been thwarted.

“Master Pakku, you’re teaching a twelve-year-old girl to waterbend combatively, right?” the southern warrior asked almost casually. From the looks on the faces of the council, they hadn’t noticed the girl come in. After all, she was just the Avatar’s non-bending, female companion.

“The Avatar transcends such issues,” answered gruff old waterbender Pakku. The look he gave Sokana was not kind; he obviously knew she was up to something. When she smirked up at him, he raised his eyebrows in distaste. After all, he was best friends with that old warrior.
“Why do you bring this before us, Sokana of the Southern Tribe?” stepped in Chief Arnook diplomatically.

“Your chief of warriors, Master Desna, refuses to teach me. I am a companion of the Avatar and plan to continue being so as he learns to bend all the elements. Wouldn’t it make sense for me to be able to fight more effectively?” Sokana lay out logically.

“No, our ancient heritage forbids warrior training for girls, especially annoying pranksters like you!” Desna blurted. Sokana’s seemingly relaxed manner had finally got to him. He looked around at the other council members slowly, taking in an almost frightened Prince Yue and a shocked Chief Arnook. “The girl, she rigs these booby traps!”

“So that’s why you look like you got on the bad side of Master Pakku?” interjected Sokana snarkily.

“Sokana, apologize immediately. You wouldn’t want to put your brother’s waterbending training at risk? After all, who would teach a boy with such an awfully behaved sister?” Pakku’s comment seemed the first thing to make Sokana visibly mad. At the mention of her brother, her resolve visibly weakened. It was well known she would do anything for her waterbending prodigy brother Katar.

“I would appreciate an apology. I might be able to reason with Master Pakku on your brother’s behalf then,” added Desna, cooling off as he sensed the teen’s defeat.

“No! I will not apologize to a bunch of old-fashioned elderly guys on pedestals! How long has it been since you actually sparred, Master Desna? I challenge you! Come outside and prove you’re not just a fake warrior. Come beat the girl, if you can,” pointing a shaking war club at the men, Sokana walked quickly and lightly out of the room.

It was her way of walking that convinced him to go fight her. The agility and lack of swagger; the damned girl had a warrior’s walk.
29th-Nov-2010 07:34 pm - Taang arts <3
Thought maybe I should put these up here :)  Warning: LARGE

here they are...Collapse )
24th-Nov-2010 09:58 pm - 3 story-lets
3 little story-lets for a 100-prompt set from deviantart.

Title:  Prize
Characters/Pairings:  Toph/Aang
Rating:  G
: Youth
Warnings:  none
Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar.
A loud laugh rang..Collapse )


Fandom: Avatar the Last Airbender
Subject: Sokka/Suki
Title: Hero/Heroine
Notes: My first download-able fanmix. My Katara one didn't count. Plus cover :) No back cover cause I'm lazy
Credits: Screenshots from piandiao, textures from .... idk..

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Just a little Katara fanmix-type thing. However, I do not have the ability to give downloads, sooo....yah. There is cover art and such for any who want to collect these songs or even just grab to use for their own fanmixes!

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24th-Jul-2010 09:17 pm - My first icons!
I wanted to try making icons, so here are a few of my first...
11 Avatar:The Last Airbender icons and 3 Golden Retriever
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bases/screencaps from http://piandao.org/screencaps/ textures by ljuser_NIVANI

Golden Retriever is my baby <3

So, opinions?
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