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3 story-lets 
24th-Nov-2010 09:58 pm
3 little story-lets for a 100-prompt set from deviantart.

Title:  Prize
Characters/Pairings:  Toph/Aang
Rating:  G
: Youth
Warnings:  none
Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar.

                A loud laugh rang through the humid air as two young teens played a carnival game. One glance showed that the short, dark-haired girl was winning. Judging from the tall, skinny boy’s face, this wasn’t the first time. With perfect aim the girl sent another ball through the ring attached to the stone wall.

                They had told Aang he would win this game. His height guaranteed it. Of course, he should have realized that the stall-owner was underestimating his blind companion. With a sigh, the Avatar put his arm around Toph’s shoulder and whispered in her ear,

Cheater.” When she scowled, he amended the poorly considered statement. “I meant that guy. Why won’t he give you your prize?

Title: Pirates
Characters/Pairings: Katara/Zuko
Rating:  G
: Pirate
Warnings:  none
Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar.

“They tried to kill you? That’s awful, I’ve certainly never been endangered by pirates,” commented Katara sarcastically as Zuko related his story.

                “Of course not, I saved you,” he replied, a large grin on his face. “Anyway, you’re the one who’s a danger to pirates.” At this Katara giggled, remembering that encounter years ago. Suddenly she felt his breath on her neck and a murmur that sounded rather familiar.

                I’ll save you from the pirates.”

                “Go jump in the river,” she smiled, and kissed him.

Title: Mounties
Characters:  Katara, Zuko
Rating: G
: Clumsy
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar.

                Zuko stumbled to a halt in front of the large horse, face uncertain. “Why is there a horse here?” he asked over his shoulder. Then, much to his surprise, Katara rode up gracefully on a little paint, laughing.

                “Don’t tell me they don’t teach princes to ride,” the native girl smirked. Meanwhile, Zuko was assessing his situation. How could he not be embarrassed here, in front of this obnoxious (and pretty) girl? Unfortunately, her snide manner prompted him to answer her.

                “I’ve lived on an airship or in a castle most of my life. Anyway, this is what trains are for,” he snapped back haughtily. Then he tried to put a foot in the stirrup. Choosing the wrong starting foot, he fell to the ground in a cursing mess. Katara laughed uproariously before giving him a very serious answer.

                “Trains can’t take you across this land, Prince. You do want to make it to the capital, right? Then me and my horses are the way. Mount up.”

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